Ars Nova Rehearsal Notes


Rehearsal for 2-17-2015


For tonight we worked on Daemon, Salmo 150, La Luna, and Kplanlango. 


Daemon: We sang through the piece twice; once in block formation and once mixed. I was very impressed that the mixed worked so well. I'm sorry for holding you back. I know some may still feel a bit uneasy with the mixed formation, but our sound is so much better in this manor.


La Luna: This is a general note on this piece that I will leave up: (Everything should be informed from the "Ah" vowel. Think "Awe" and then mix that into your "Oh" vowel and then mix the "Oh" into the "Oo" vowel. We will continue to focus on this tonality every week, so don't worry if this doesn't make since to you yet.) Tonight we focused through the 1st 2 sections (through pg 8 or top of 9) remember this song requires intense and constant focus and attention to micro phrasing. Each phrase is critical and important. Challange yourself to make the most of each phrase.


Kplanlango: We continued to push through the layering of rhythmic ideas, and we kicked the tempo to a new gear. We are close on this piece. While we don't have the dynamic and articulation ideas in place, we are close to being able to sing through the piece from beginning to end.


Salmo 150: I think the big challange here is getting the text correctly in the rhythms that are needed. Give yourself a refresher before next week and it will come together nicely.


Again, great rehearsal this week, good focus and energy. My least favorite rehearsals are the ones that are just technical (rhythms and pitches) but I know they are necessary for great performances. We missed all of you that were sick, we understand that its that season. We wish you all great health and we will see you all next week.




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